Statistical and Data Sciences 192 - Introduction to Data Science

Intro to Data Sciences

Nicholas Schwab

M W F 10:50 AM - 12:05 PM

Smith College
Bass 204
An introduction to data science using Python, R and SQL. Students learn how to scrape, process and clean data from the web; manipulate data in a variety of formats; contextualize variation in data; construct point and interval estimates using resampling techniques; visualize multidimensional data; design accurate, clear and appropriate data graphics; create data maps and perform basic spatial analysis; and query large relational databases. SDS 100 is required for students who have not previously completed SDS 201, SDS 220, SDS 290 or SDS 291.

[CE] (SDS 192, 201, 220, 290, 291) or SDS 100 (concurrent only)

Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.