Statistical and Data Sciences 271 - Programming for Data Science in Python

Program/Data Science: Python

Casey Berger

TU TH 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Smith College
Sabin-Reed 220
This course covers the skills and tools needed to process, analyze, and visualize data in Python and work on collaborative projects. Topics include functional and object oriented programming in Python, data wrangling in Pandas, visualization in Matplotlib in seaborn, as well as creating a reproducible workflow: debugging, testing, and documenting programs and effectively using version control. The major goal for the course is to create a viable, open-source Python package like those in the Python Package Index (PyPI). Prerequisites: SDS 192 and CSC 110. Enrollment limited to 40. (E)

[CE] SDS 192 and (CSC 110 or 111)

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