Film and Media Studies 220 - Colloquium: Oral History and the Moving Image

Colq:Oral History Film Screen

Kiki Loveday

W F 9:25 AM - 10:40 AM

Smith College
Oral history is a method of documenting a person or community’s memories through a recorded dialogue or interview in order to address absences in the historical record. This course investigates theories, histories and practices of oral history in relation to the moving image, from Zora Neal Hurston’s fieldwork films (1927) to the present, examining 1) the relationship between oral history and non-fiction filmmaking; 2) the use of oral history methods in the writing of film and media histories, including institutional histories and counter-histories; and 3) the use of oral histories in the creation of works of art. Enrollment limited to 20. (E)
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