Film and Media Studies 242 - Pop Docs: Documentary Influence in Popular Media

Docu Influence in Pop Media

Jennifer C. Malkowski

M W 10:50 AM - 12:05 PM

Smith College
Pop Docs examines how documentary techniques that originated in art house and experimental film have migrated into mainstream entertainment media. This course studies popular forms of non-fiction media: true crime streaming series and podcasts, reality TV, YouTube vlogs and other social media content. What core tenets of documentary work do these forms discard and retain? How do these evolutions impact the ethics of recording real people and their lives? Why are audiences drawn to “reality” content, and how savvy are they about the distance between what appears on screen and the lived experience of those recorded? Prerequisites: FMS 150 or FMS 237.

[CE] FMS 150 or FMS 237

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