Geosciences 101 - Introduction to Earth Processes and History

Intro to Earth Process & Hist

Sarah Mazza

M W F 9:25 AM - 10:40 AM

Smith College
Sabin-Reed 103
Geology is a study of the Earth. In this course, students examine the processes that formed the Earth and that have continued to change the planet during its 4.57 billion year history. In rocks, minerals and the landscape, geologists see puzzles that tell a story about Earth’s past. Students develop their geologic observation skills. The class investigates the origins of minerals and rocks and the dynamic processes that form volcanoes, cause earthquakes, shape landscapes, create natural resources and control the climate—today as well as during the Earth’s past. Students learn to view the Earth with a new perspective and appreciate how the planet is constantly changing, even if at extremely slow rates. Students planning to major in geosciences should take GEO 102 concurrently.
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