Spanish 246ta - Topics in Latin American Literature and Culture - Transpacific Archive of the Americas


Yeongju Lee

W 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM; M 3:05 PM - 4:20 PM

Smith College
This course explores literary and cultural productions from the Americas concerning transpacific histories and imaginaries, spanning from the Spanish colonial era to the present. The course discussions approach issues such as imperialism, globalization, modernization, capitalism and race and gender formations by centering transnational connections across Latin America, U.S. Latinx communities and Asia. Students study multiple genres of texts related to historical events, including the Manila galleon trade, Latin American modern nation-building, Asian diaspora in Latin America, Cold War armed conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, and East Asian maquiladoras in the U.S.- Mexico border. Prerequisite: SPN 220 or equivalent. Enrollment limited to 20. (E)

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