Latin American Studies 301iw - Seminar: Topics in Latin American and Latino/a Studies-Colonial and Postcolonial Indigenous Worlds

Sem:T-Indigenous Worlds

Javier Puente

TU 1:20 PM - 4:00 PM

Smith College
Hillyer 109
This seminar explores the historical trajectory of the First Peoples and Nations of the Americas and their worlds, from their inception as Indigenous at the dawn of colonialism to their subjection as the “rural poor” amidst modernizing paradigms of progress. Following a chronological sequence, the course covers issues such as genetics and the deep history of Indigeneity in the Americas, the age of demographic collapse during the Columbian Exchange, the rise of colonial Indigenous livelihoods and ecologies, Indigenous struggles for autonomy and land as communities and campesinos and their enduring quests for Indigenous citizenship and plurinational recognition in a neoliberal age. Enrollment limited to 12. Juniors and seniors only. Instructor permission required.

[CE] JR/SR only

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