Music 249 - Colloquium: Islamic Popular Music

Colq: Islamic Pop Music

Margaret Sarkissian,Suleiman Ali Mourad

TU TH 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Smith College
Sage 215,
MUS 249-01, REL 249-01
Offered as MUS 249 and REL 249. Music is a complex issue in many Islamic societies. There are tensions between those who believe that music has no place in Islam and try to prohibit it, those for whom it is a central component of mystical devotion, and those who tolerate it, albeit within well-defined parameters. The debate intensifies in the case of popular music, a core part of the self-identification of young people everywhere. Despite this, there is an amazing variety of vibrant popular music throughout the Islamic world. This course explores the religious debates over music and the rich musical tradition (including religious music) in Islam. Enrollment limited to 35.
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