Statistical and Data Sciences 201 - Statistical Methods for Undergraduates

Statistical Methods:Undergrad

William Hopper

M W F 10:50 AM - 12:05 PM

Smith College
Seelye 301
(Formerly MTH 201/ PSY 201). An overview of the statistical methods needed for undergraduate research, emphasizing methods for data collection, data description and statistical inference, including an introduction to study design, confidence intervals, testing hypotheses, analysis of variance and regression analysis. Techniques for analyzing both quantitative and categorical data are discussed. Applications are emphasized and students use R for data analysis. Classes meet for lecture/discussion and a required laboratory that emphasizes the analysis of real data. This course satisfies the basic requirement for the psychology major. Students who have taken MTH 111 or equivalent should take SDS 220, which also satisfies the basic requirement. Normally, students receive credit for only one of the following introductory statistics courses: SDS 201, PSY 201, ECO 220, GOV 203, SDS 220 or SOC 204. Corequisite: SDS 100 is a required corequisite for students who have not completed SDS 192, SDS 220, SDS 290 or SDS 291. Enrollment limited to 40.

[CE] Statistical Methods limit & ((SDS 192, 201, 220, 290 or 291) or SDS 100 (concurrent only))

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