Spanish 246mr - Topics in Latin American Literature and Culture-Reinterpreting Magical Realism

T-Magical Realism

Maria Rueda

TU TH 9:25 AM - 10:40 AM

Smith College
Hillyer 103
Magical realism has been studied as a way of representing reality that is particularly suited to Latin America. This class explores the origins of this idea in terms of how the representative strategies associated with magical realism developed historically to approach the conflictive realities of Latin America. Students read literary works associated with magical realism, including One Hundred of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Márquez, as well as theoretical texts from authors who have reflected on the meaning of this concept. They also learn about how more recent Latin American authors engage critically with magical realism. Prerequisite: SPN 220 or equivalent. Enrollment limited to 20.

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