S-Journalists in the Movies

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They can be heroes; they can be villains. They can be ruthless; they can be sympathetic. They can be right; they can be wrong - and perhaps sometimes a bit of both. Since the first film director yelled "Action!" on a studio back lot, journalists of all sorts - local reporters, television news crews, even foreign correspondents - have been staples of the Hollywood milieu. The movies that have emerged have done much to define how people view journalists and continue to inform those opinions - both positive and negative - today. In an examination of selected films from the 1930s to current times, this class will explore perceptions of reporters, and reporters' choices through the prism of the big screen. Films to be seen will range from All The President's Men to The Year of Living Dangerously. Readings likely to include such works as Schanberg: The Death and Life of Dith Pran; Caputo: Means of Escape.
This class is open to Journalism and Communication majors only. Students completing film studies certificate may enroll by contacting the instructor or Journalism Advisor.
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S-Journalists in the Movies
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