S-Feminist Health Politics

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Women, Gender, Sexuality

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UMass Amherst
Health is about bodies, selves and politics. In this course we will explore a series of health topics from feminist perspectives. In what ways do axes of difference such as gender, sexuality, class, disability, and age influence the ways in which one perceives and experiences health and the access one has to health information and health care? What is meant by the phrases "social determinants of health" or "racial disparities in health"? Are homophopia or transphobia, or one's place of living, related to one's health status or one's health risk? By paying close attention to the relationships between community-based narratives, activities of informal health networks and formal organizations and theory, we will develop a solid understanding of the historical, political and cultural specificities of health issues, practices, services and movements.
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S-Feminist Health Politics
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01 3.0

Jacquelyne Luce

M W F 3:35PM 4:25PM