Human Performance & Nutrition

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UMass Amherst
Designed to engage students in: 1. Fundamental questions, ideas and methods of analysis, 2. Application of these methods to real world problems, 3. Critical thinking through inquiry, problem-solving and analysis and 4. Awareness of how race, ethnicity and social "class" impact health and wellness. This course provides the base of knowledge required to understand the role of diet and exercise in optimizing athletic performance AND overall health. In addition, students gain the skills necessary to critically evaluate information and products related to human performance with "open-minded" skepticism. (Gen.Ed. BS)

100 seats are reserved for KIN Majors.

Discussion sections do not begin until the SECOND week of classes.

There are high number of reserved seats for Kinesiology majors at this time. Therefore, If you cannot enroll, but want to petition the Instructor for enrollment, please do the following (1) Go to the Kinesiology Office, 110 Totman Building and pick-up a 'Course Override Form'; (2) Fill out the form and leave it in the Instructor's mailbox also located in 110 Totman; (3) If your request is approved, the course will be added to your schedule.

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Human Performance & Nutrition
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01 4.0

Barry Braun

M W F 9:05AM 9:55AM