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Isenberg School of Management

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UMass Amherst
Course will address the needs of students considering starting their own business or purchasing and managing a business or franchise. Areas to be covered during the class are as follows: Idea generation ? differentiate or die; discuss the importance of ?differentiation? and why most new businesses underestimate this critical concept. Choosing the appropriate business structure: Limited Liability Company, Subchapter C Corporation, Subchapter S Corporation. Developing the business plan: gathering and preparing the proper information to attract financing. Funding your business: identifying sources of funding such as Venture Capital, Private Equity, partners, lenders. Human resources: hiring your first employee, evaluating potential sales people, choosing incentive programs. Successful marketing strategies: numerous examples of creative and effective marketing decisions propelling companies forward. Successful sales strategies: numerous examples of tactics designed to get consumers to buy. Exit strategies: selling to private firms, going public, maintaining partial ownership while remaining in management.

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01 3.0

Anthony Lachowetz

1:00AM 1:00AM