ST-TV Studio Oper, Prod Design

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UMass Amherst
This course explores the links between technical operations, creative production design, and actual production in the live, multiple-camera HD studio environment.

Though loaded with technology, the television studio is, from the first instance through the last, a creative environment. Studio technology comprises a set of creative tools. Uses these tools are always aimed at actual production of meaningful content.

This course will explore and put to work the concepts and techniques fundamental to multiple-camera studio production in the HD studio environment: conceptualization, visualization, and writing for multiple-camera, wide-screen production; production design, including staging, set design, photography and lighting, sound design, and graphic design.

In the area of studio operations students will learn and put to work skills including light placement and mixing, videography using the HD studio camera, sound pickup and mixing, and graphics.

Students will realize all of this work in collaborative, final studio production projects.
Open to Senior, Junior and Sophomore Communication majors only.
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ST-TV Studio Oper, Prod Design
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