Intro Stats/Soc Sci

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UMass Amherst
Designed for students in the social science and business related fields of study. Introduction to basic statistical methods used to collect, summarize, and analyze numerical data. Emphasis on application to decision making; examples from the social sciences and business. Topics include: common statistical notation, elementary probability theory, sampling, descriptive statistics, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing. Basic algebra and familiarity with computer and internet necessary. (Gen.Ed. R2)

[Note: Because this course presupposes knowledge of basic math skills, it will satisfy the R1 requirement upon successful completion.]
This is a blended class. Lectures will be posted online. Students will complete online homework and will then attend a team based learning (TBL) section where they will work in teams on exercises that reinforce and apply the concepts from the online lectures and homework exercises. The online lectures and homework will be completed before attending the TBL section.
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Intro Stats/Soc Sci
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03 4.0 Wayne-Roy Gayle TU 2:30PM 3:45PM