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Indstu-Film Festival

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UMass Amherst
This is a 1-credit Mandatory Pass/Fail course. Film screening. This festival colloquium will be held in conjunction with one or more semester-long film festivals.
Open to Undergraduate Students only. This course is held in conjunction with a semester-long series of screenings and related events, primarily on Wednesday evenings. In the spring, contingent upon number of films programmed and schedule availability, students may have the opportunity to attend multiple film festivals. To earn 1 credit (mandatory pass/fail), students are required to attend a defined number of film festival events (TBD), and complete written surveys. In the spring semester, the festival colloquium is also a blended learning experience with a required online weekly interactive component.

Comm 296F is open to all undergraduate students, all majors. Since the festival screenings change each semester, Comm 296F can be taken multiple times.
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Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.
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Indstu-Film Festival
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01 1.0 Anne Ciecko W 7:00PM 10:00PM