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Modern Arabic Literature

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Comparative Literature
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UMass Amherst
This course draws from the most celebrated works of Arabic literature spanning from the nineteenth century literary "Renaissance" (or "Nahda") to the revolutionary uprising of the "Arab Spring." Focusing on poetry and prose, students will survey the works of major literary pioneers after the mid-nineteenth century, to explore the nuances and controversies involved with asserting the advent of "modern" literary forms within the history of Arabic literature.
This course introduces students to the major authors, texts and movements in modern Arabic literature. It is an introduction to the Arab world and its culture through reading texts representing the main genres of Arabic literature: poetry, fiction, play, short story and autobiography. The course focuses on major 20th century writers investigating a variety of cultural, social, political and socioeconomic topics like gender, nationalism and war, religion, and history. Using the texts as a point of departure, discussions
will focus on intellectual, political, and cultural thought as it develops in Arabic literature to the present day.
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Modern Arabic Literature
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01 4.0 Annette Lienau M W 2:30PM 3:45PM