Hispanic New York

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This course will provide a panoramic survey of the literature produced in New York by Hispanic writers as well as literary representations of New York in the Hispanic imaginary in a variety of genres (poetry, novel, memoir, and travel writing). From the late nineteenth century to the present, we will focus on key moments in this diverse corpus of literature and explore topics such as crisis, immigration, community, tourism, exile, language and translation, and artistic relations among several national groups. While we will mainly focus on literary texts, film and other visual media will also be considered. Authors include Jose Marti (Cuba), Federico Garcia Lorca (Spain), Julia de Burgos (Puerto Rico), Frida Kahlo (Mexico), Salvador Dali (Spain/Catalunya), Miguel Pinero (Cuba), Reinaldo Arenas (Cuba), Miguel Barnet (Cuba), Tato Laviera (Puerto Rico/Nuyorican), Carmen Martin Gaite (Spain), and Antonio Munoz Molina (Spain).
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Hispanic New York
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