Short-Form Documentary

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This class is where documentary filmmaking and traditional journalism meet. People often look at news for the headlines and see little bits of the news?here we give them more depth, alternate perspectives, ask deeper questions and look to the future with long form storytelling. David Wilson, a co-founder of the True/False Film Festival calls this a ?new era of journalism? and says, "We are getting away from the 'voice of God' narration. Primary sources still rule, but viewers also want stories to help triangulate a topic." The challenge of modern day videos is to tell enrapturing stories in a short period of time. Today, the most successful online videos are no more than 5 minutes. This course will teach you how to produce short, sharp, strong micro-documentaries.
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Short-Form Documentary
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01 4.0 Greeley Kyle M W 12:20PM 2:20PM Integ. Learning Center S308