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Political Science
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UMass Amherst
Race and gender politics are deeply imbricated, constituting core dimensions of power, political subjectivities, and resistant identities. Race intersects with gender, along other vectors of power, determining individuals? and communities? rights, livelihoods, and life chances, restricting their access to cultural, political, monetary, and libidinal/sexual capital, and buttressing or undermining shifting strategies of domination and resistance. By considering the case of Brazil - which is quintessentially raced, gendered and sexualized in both the popular and scholarly imaginations (think soccer, carnival, racialized sex tourism, eroticized "mulatas," etc.) - in comparison to other racial-gender-sexual formations in the Americas, this seminar will explore the historical, political, and cultural construction of gender
and race, with particular emphasis on the experiences of Afro-descendant women. We will assess comparatively how hegemonic race and gender discourses and policies come into being and how they are challenged by anti-racist and Black feminist and queer/trans activism, both nationally and internationally. An on-going concern of the seminar will be to theorize they ways that race and gender play into current ultra-Right politics in Brazil as well as elsewhere in the Americas region and the world.
Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with POLISCI as their primary major. Course will open to all Senior, Junior & Sophomores after July 19th.
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ST- Race&Gender/BrazilCompPers
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