Anatomy of the Human Body

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UMass Amherst
This course is designed to give the student a thorough understanding of human gross anatomy from embryological, functional and evolutionary perspectives. The course is divided into 4 Units (Thorax and Abdomen, Back and Upper Limb, Pelvis and Lower Limb, Head and Neck), each of which covers specific anatomical regions and introduces the major systems of the human body. Each unit will integrate anatomy with evolutionary and functional approaches on various aspects of anatomical complexes specific to that unit (e.g. Lower limb anatomy and bipedal locomotion, larynx and evolution of language, pelvis and evolution of rotational birth). This course is targeted at students who aim to pursue health-related professions (medical/dental graduate programs, nursing, PT/OT, PA, etc?), anthropology majors who want to build a solid background in human evolutionary anatomy into their training, as a component of the anthropology major pathways such as health & the body
and Evolutionary anthropology, as well as the Culture, Health, and Science program.
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Anatomy of the Human Body
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