Countercultural Films

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An exploration of the counter-cultural movements of the 1960s and 70s and later, hosted by someone who was there and lived to tell the tale. Through the medium of documentary and fiction films, we will delve into the musical, sexual, artistic, political and spiritual upheavals that rocked America and Europe back then and that continue to reverberate today. This course satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-Comm majors.
Open to Seniors & Juniors only. Open to Senior & Junior Communication majors only, or consent of instructor. This course was formerly numbered COMM 493C. If you received credit for taking COMM 493C, you cannot receive credit for taking this class. This course serves as an Integrative Experience (IE) requirement for BA-COMM majors.
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Countercultural Films
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01 3.0 Bruce Geisler W 12:20PM 2:20PM Integ. Learning Center S350