Behavioral Neuroscience

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
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UMass Amherst
An introduction to the neural basis of behavior. Topics include neuroanatomy, neuron function, the control of hunger, sex, sleep, emotion, drug addiction and memory.
Pre Req: PSYCH 100 or BIO100 Bio 151 (formerly Bio 100) or AP Bio credit is strongly recommended as a prereq. Students who do not have one of these should consider enrolling in Psych 191B prior to taking this course. If space allows, this class may open to minors and other non-majors on or shortly after Nov. 20.
Although there is no waitlist on SPIRE, if this class fills, additional students who meet course prerequisites may be enrolled in the Spring if they attend the first day of class and sign in with the graduate teaching assistant before or afterwards.?
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Behavioral Neuroscience
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01 3.0 Lori Astheimer Best M W F 10:10AM 11:00AM Bartlett Hall room 65