Developmental Psych-Honors

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
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UMass Amherst
The primary goal of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to developmental psychology and to the scientific study of development. It is intended that this course may serve as a foundation for future courses in Child Psychology. Thus, a broad range of topics will be covered and no one topic will be covered in depth. We will cover the major domains of development ? biological, cognitive, social, and emotional development - from the prenatal period chronologically, covering each age of the child in turn. This course is not designed to address "how to" rear children. In fact no one way is likely to be optimal for all circumstances. Instead the emphasis is on discovering the many different biological and experiential factors that influence behavior and its development.
Open to Commonwealth College students only. Pre Req: PSYCH 100 or 110 Other students may seek permission to enroll.
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Developmental Psych-Honors
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01 4.0 Tara Mandalaywala M W 4:00PM 5:15PM Tobin Hall room 307