S- Latinx & Latin Am Feminisms

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Women,Gender,Sexuality Studies
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UMass Amherst
The current revival of feminist activism and the "mainstreaming" of feminist rhetoric and symbolism are not solely US phenomena. In the last four years, Argentina has experienced one of the most vivid and far-reaching mobilizations in Latin America. And much like the #MeToo movement, Argentine women have mobilized crowds in the streets around a hashtag, #NiUnaMenos. This class will be a theoretically-oriented survey of contemporary women's organizing in the Americas, as well as some of their pivotal recent antecedents. We will proceed with the study of paradigmatic cases through a comparative lens, guiding our analysis and discussion with substantive issues in feminist theory and social movement organization. We will look at similarities, variation and transnational connections in feminist organizing, with particular attention to the analytical and political windows that open when we address debates on reproductive rights, sexuality, race, coloniality and nationality across the Americas.
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S- Latinx & Latin Am Feminisms
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01 3.0 Ana Ospina Pedraza aospinap@polsci.umass.edu TU TH 4:00PM 5:15PM South College Room W205