Geography 697V - ST-PoliGeog&PoliEcol/COVID-19

Eve Vogel
M W 2:30PM 3:45PM
UMass Amherst
Fully Remote Class
COVID-19 is a wide and profound socio-environmental process with political, economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions and impacts. This course brings the tools and insights of political geography and political ecology to think critically about COVID-19 and people's responses to it. The course will include readings on the tools and methods of political geographers and political ecologists, up-to-date scholarly readings related to COVID-19, and a host of current news sources. Students will research impacts and responses in their local area, and in an interconnected or comparative other part of the country or world; and they will research and contribute to a response to COVID-19 that is about sustaining human lives and communities, while also promoting social and environmental justice.
Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.