Geology H103 - Intro Oceanography (colloq)

R Leckie
1:00AM 1:00AM
UMass Amherst
Fully Remote Class
This will be a one credit reading seminar focused on current topics in oceanography and marine science. Students will read one short paper from the current literature (newspapers, magazines, journals) or one book chapter per week. Topics will be chosen to focus particularly on issues of public interest such as global warming, coastal policy, marine ecology, etc. Students must also be enrolled in Geology 103. Seminars will be devoted to discussing the weekly readings and other topics of current interest. Recommended for first-year students and sophomores.
This Honors Colloquium associated with Intro to Oceanography (Geol 103) will be focused on exploring the question: is the fish we eat here at UMass and in the state of Massachusetts sustainable? Throughout the semester, each student participating in the colloquium will investigate a different species of fish that is served at UMass. Through data driven investigations, we will evaluate if each species is sustainable or not. This will be determined by exploring the most recent scientific literature about each species and getting familiar with its habitat, lifespan, reproduction time/time to grow a new fish that is ready for harvest, and though understanding the various environmental threats each species faces. We will gather current and historical data about how much of each fish species is harvested worldwide each year and, if possible, how much is consumed in Massachusetts (and at UMass). Each student will write a scientific report on their assigned species that will include graphs of the data collected from the scientific literature and an evaluation of if each species is sustainable now - and if it is likely to be sustainable in 10-20 years from now. Near the end of the semester each student will give a short (maximum 2 minute, 2 slide) presentation of their key findings to the entire class. Students also must be enrolled in Geology 103.
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