Geography 693A - S-Cartography & Geovisualiztn

Seda Salap-Ayca

M W F 11:15AM 12:05PM

UMass Amherst
Library Tower room 720
Students will understand and implement principles of good design in cartography along with understanding the human vision and how it influences perception and cognition. The course will also cover the scope of contemporary thematic cartography and web mapping. Students will gain hands-on experience in designing and improving web-based maps. In this course, students will: - Learn the fundamentals of cartography and map design - Become familiar with using open source tools to improve the visual quality of web-based and other maps - Create maps through independent design and exploration

This is a multimodal course, and meets with the following sections: University, UWW, and Mt. Ida.

This course will be taught remotely, with access to computer labs on campus available for those who need them. For those with sufficient home computing resources, campus presence is not required or necessary. Students who need computer access should contact the instructor. All students with questions should contact the instructor before registering.

Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.