ST-Soil Erosion/Agr Landscapes

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Soils are the medium that grows the vast majority of the food consumed world-wide, yet historical and ongoing soil erosion diminishes agricultural production and ultimately threatens food security. In the U.S. major uncertainties still exist regarding the rates of soil erosion and soil formation. This course will explore soils and soil erosion, with a focus on the Midwestern U.S., and some of the world's other important agricultural landscapes. Class sessions will be devoted to a wide range of topics related to agricultural soils, including: the glacial history of North America, soil forming factors, soil erosion processes, and agricultural policy. We will read, discuss texts, and explore case studies that focus on the history of soil use and degradation as well as the emerging concept of soil-regenerative agriculture. The course will culminate in student projects focused on soil loss prediction and conservation.
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ST-Soil Erosion/Agr Landscapes
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01 3.0 Isaac Larsen TU TH 11:30AM 12:45PM Morrill III Room 108