Geology 494LI - Livng on Erth:Real-world Is

Timothy Cook

TU TH 10:00AM 11:15AM

UMass Amherst
Morrill Sci. Ctr. (II) rm 225
Global climate change is a societal issue that affects natural and human systems right now and will continue dramatically impacting them in the future if the drivers remain unabated. The debate and political polarization surrounding climate change issues is all around us and the messages can be confusing and difficult to interpret. It is crucial that as a society we are equipped with the scientific knowledge and skills to interpret the collected information, make decisions about and prepare for and mitigate the impacts of a changing climate. In this course, students take advantage of the breadth of their shared experiences in the Geosciences Department from human dimensions to physical sciences, drawing from geography, earth systems science and geology. The platform of the course examines the most pressing problem within Earth Sciences, anthropogenic climate change, incorporating the themes of Water, Air, Energy, and Sustainability.

Open to students majoring in Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Geography, or Geology Geol 494LI examines the science of Earths changing climate, societal influences on climate change, as well as the expected impacts based on the collected scientific evidence.

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