Film Studies 375 - Film Writing & Crit/New Media

Daniel Pope

M W 1:00PM 2:15PM

UMass Amherst
Integ. Lrng Center S404
Film and screen media touch nearly every corner of popular, professional and intellectual culture, and new varieties of film writing are flourishing along with it. In addition to the force of the research essay and the art of the film review, there is now the dynamism of new media - videographic essays, podcasts, blogs, and other engagements with film. This course is designed to teach advanced film and media analysis and writing skills for academic, professional, and public audiences. We dedicate our time to workshops of student writing and to analytical engagements with films, film criticism, and film theory. We study films from an array of genres, periods in film history, international cinemas, and underrepresented voices, and we challenge familiar modes of engaging film. The core work of this course is in discovering original, compelling insights into film and media and expressing those discoveries effectively in written text and in various forms of new media. This course satisfies the Junior Year Writing requirement for the Film Studies major in BDIC. Film Studies Major Through BDIC Category: JYW, E UMass Amherst Undergraduate Certificate Categories: II, IV, V


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