Geology 494LI - Livng on Erth:Real-world Is

Martin Medina Elizalde

M W F 11:15AM 12:05PM

UMass Amherst
Morrill Sci. Ctr. (II) rm 225
In this course, students take advantage of the breadth of their shared experiences in the Geosciences Department from human dimensions to physical sciences, drawing from geography, earth systems science and geology. The platform of the course uses real-world Geoscience problems facing societies and cultures, incorporating the themes of Water, Air, Energy, Climate and Sustainability. Using readings, print and on-line media, students are encouraged to work through the ways in which integration of their diverse educational experiences leads to new levels of understanding. The semester culminates in team-based projects in which students investigate connections between current Geosciences issues, their education in their major and their experience as UMass undergraduates, with structured opportunities for reflection on both their discipline and themselves as life-long scholars. This course satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BS-Earth, BA-Geog, BS-Geog, BA-Geol, and BS-Geol majors, as well as a subset of BS-EnvSci majors.

Open to juniors and seniors majoring in Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Geography, or Geology. Open to juniors and seniors majoring in Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Geography, or Geology, or by consent of the instructor. This semester, GEOL494LI will focus on the geoscience issue of climate change and the collapse of ancient civilizations. This course examine reasons for the collapse of past societies considering a five-point framework: environmental damage, climate change, hostile neighbors, friendly trade partners and the society?s responses to its environmental problems. By studying the impact of climate change on past societies, we become better equipped with the scientific knowledge and skills to interpret current information, make decisions, and prepare for and mitigate the impacts of changing climate and environmental conditions.

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