Statistics 598C - StatisticalConsultingPracticum

Anna Liu,Krista Gile

W 12:20PM 1:35PM

UMass Amherst
Lederle Grad Res Tower 1569
This course provides a forum for training in statistical consulting. Application of statistical methods to real problems, as well as interpersonal and communication aspects of consulting are explored in the consulting environment. Students enrolled in this class will become eligible to conduct consulting projects as consultants in the Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Services group in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Consulting projects arising during the semester will be matched to students enrolled in the course according to student background, interests, and availability. Taking on consulting projects is not required, although enrolled students are expected to have interest in consulting at some point. The class will include some presented classroom material; most of the class will be devoted to discussing the status of and issues encountered in students' ongoing consulting projects.

Note: Prerequisites: STAT 515, 516, 525, or equivalent, and permission of instructor. Graduate standing strongly recommended.
meeting on Tuesdays with Statistc 697SC

Varies from 1 to 3 credits

Permission is required for interchange registration during all registration periods.