Asian Studies 312 - Bridging Asia & Asian America

C. Le

M W F 1:25PM 2:15PM

UMass Amherst
Herter Hall room 225
This course examines the historical, political, economic, and cultural connections and intersections between Asian and the United States, particularly as they relate to Asian Americans. Drawing on interdisciplinary methodological and analytical approaches, this course will help students to develop and apply an analytical toolset that combines theory, concepts, methods, and empirical data to better understand real-world and complex issues such as early examples of globalization, trade, and immigration between Asia countries and the U.S.; cultural dispersion and the development of the first Asian American communities; dynamics of gender/race/ethnicity; and current issues centered on environmental sustainability, civil society and human rights, emerging transnational media, economic and political tensions, and anti-globalization movements, to name just a few. (Gen. Ed. I, DG)

This course can be used to satisfy GEN - ED requirements

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