History 269 - The American War in Vietnam

Christian Appy

M W 9:05AM 9:55AM

UMass Amherst
Herter Hall room 231
America's longest war, 1954-1975. Reasons for the U.S. intervention, key political and military policies, experiences of combatants and civilians on all sides, divisive political and moral controversies, myths and legacies. (Gen.Ed. HS)

CLASS NOTE: This class is being offered in conjunction with the History Department's 2022-2023 Feinberg Family Distinguished Lecture Series. As part of course, students will attend several Feinberg Series events featuring historians, community organizers, artists, and people with lived experience discussing the history of U.S. imperialism and resistance to it. Read more about the Feinberg Series: https://www.umass.edu/history/feinberg-series

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