Natural Resources Conservation 585 - Introduction to GIS


TH 2:30PM 5:30PM

UMass Amherst
Morrill III Rm 212 -ComputerRm
This class serves as an introduction to Geographic Information Science (GIS). GIS is the science of spatial relationships, linking data to locations to explore relations between objects. Based in geographic thought and emerging from initial applications in natural resource management, GIS has evolved to be a universally applicable way of thinking and set of knowledge, skills, and practices. The goals of this course are to teach you basic GIS concepts through practice and theory, to enable you to make useful and meaningful contributions to various disciplines through spatial analysis. Throughout this course, you will be challenged to not only think spatially, but apply spatial analysis techniques within GIS.

This course is open to graduate students in ECO or SUSTAIN SCIENCE and seniors and juniors in NRC, BCT, or ENVIRSCI. Meets with Geograph 585

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