Natural Resources Conservation 590D - Marine Conservation and Policy

Lisa Komoroske

M W 11:15AM 12:30PM

UMass Amherst
Holdsworth Hall room 105
In this course, we will learn about how key properties of marine species and ecosystems are unique or shared with terrestrial ecosystems, and how this shapes both major threats and innovative solutions. We will assess human threats to ocean biodiversity and mechanisms for dealing with these risks, with an emphasis on marine reserves and other management approaches for building ecological resilience. Using active lectures, readings and case studies, discussions, group projects, writing, guest experts and field trips we will evaluate the causes and consequences of diversity loss, and what legal frameworks and grassroots conservation actions effectively combat marine environmental degradation. Readings will include those drawn from textbooks, peer-reviewed scientific literature, and a variety of other materials, including media coverage of current events. The culmination of the course is a small group research project to evaluate and communicate a marine conservation challenge & effective solutions.

Open to juniors and seniors in NRC & ENVIRSCI and graduate students in ECO or Sustainability Science. BIOLOGY 110, 151, Ecology

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