Natural Resources Conservation 590M - Marine Ecology

Brian Cheng

TU TH 10:00AM 11:15AM

UMass Amherst
Holdsworth Hall room 105
Advanced course in marine ecology, focused on how organisms interact with the ocean environment. We will explore Earth?s major marine ecosystems and investigate the ecological processes that create biological patterns within these habitats. We will use field techniques to collect biological data in local New England coastal systems. Together, we shall discover how marine ecology links to other disciplines such as chemistry, physics, and geography. The course will address ways that ecological theory can inform ocean problems such as climate change, biological invasions, nutrient enrichment, and habitat destruction.

Open to juniors and seniors in NRC & ENVIRSCI and graduate students in ECO or Sustainability Science. 1 semester BIOLOGY, Ecology

Multiple required components--lab and/or discussion section. To register, submit requests for all components simultaneously.
Permission is required for interchange registration during the add/drop period only.