Geography 352 - Computer Mapping

Ayodele O'Uhuru

M F 1:00PM 2:15PM

UMass Amherst
Holdsworth Hall room 302
This course provides introductory exposure to the basic cartography skills used for digital map making, primarily using ArcGIS Pro and Adobe Illustrator to map physical environments as well as 3D scenes. Course learning goals include a fundamental understanding of map composure, as well as map elements such as north arrows, scale bars, and legends. General best practices for data management such as zipping and unzipping file archives and geodatabases will also be covered. By the end of term, students will have an Introductory level understanding of mapping concepts and practices deployed through use of ESRI's mapping software as well as Adobe AI for graphic design within maps or elsewhere.

Open to students majoring in Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Geography, or Geology Open to the following majors: Geography, Geology, Earth Systems, Environmental Science.

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