Geology 396ISH - Hons IndStu/Geology


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UMass Amherst
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Contact COMCOL (CHC Paths) THE STUDENT DEADLINE TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THEIR PART OF AN INDEPENDENT STUDY HONORS (ISH) APPLICATION USING CHC PATHS IS THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES OF THE FALL SEMESTER. Students wishing to register for an Honors Independent Study (196ISH) must complete a contract proposal application with their faculty chair using CHC PATHS ( for online approval by their sponsor and other reviewers, including the Academic Standards Committee of the Faculty Senate's Commonwealth Honors College Council. The application should be done during pre-registration to ensure that the supervising faculty and other reviewers have sufficient time to submit the application to CHC by the first Thursday of the semester for final approval and registration before Add/Drop ends.

Varies from 3 to 6 credits

Permission is required for interchange registration during all registration periods.