Korean 125 - Beginning Korean II

Jee Hyun Lee

M W F 9:05AM 9:55AM

UMass Amherst
Herter Hall room 113
This course is the second part of the Beginning Korean, which is designed to teach the fundamental skills to read, write, listen and speak in elementary level Korean. Prior to take this course, students are expected to read Hangul and to be able to talk about simple daily activities and carry a limited conversation with memorized phrases. Compared to the first semester, more advanced vocabulary and grammar patterns will be introduced, and the students will learn how to integrate them into developed forms of application. By the end of the course, students will be able to handle variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks successfully and will be able to ask a few formulaic questions. In addition to the classroom instruction, there will be a conversation session with the tutors, which students have to attend every week to practice speaking. In accordance with the national standards in foreign language education, all Five Cs (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) will be emphasized in the course.


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