Faculty Exchange or Borrow Information Form

Use this form to apply for approval of a faculty exchange or borrow arrangement.

Terms and Conditions

Faculty Exchange and Borrow is available only to faculty members who are either full-time employees of the five campuses or full-time Five College joint faculty appointees. Participating faculty are subject to all policies governing faculty conduct at the campus where the course is taught.

Nature of Exchange or Borrow

Overload Borrow, in which the faculty member borrowed teaches a course at the borrowing institution as an overload and is compensated for that extra teaching.

Released-Time Borrow, in which a course is taught by the borrowed faculty member as part of the normal full-time teaching load. The lending campus may or may not be reimbursed depending on the agreement.

Straight Exchange, in which faculty members and their courses are exchanged between two departments on different campuses, resulting in no change in either faculty member's course load.

Faculty Exchange or Borrow Information Form

Nature of Exchange or Borrow

Faculty Information

This section is for the first faculty member being exchanged.

Campus Information

Borrowing Information

Course Information

Payment Information

The amount of the stipend must be agreed upon by all parties (the faculty member as well as the borrowing and lending campuses), and will be paid to the faculty member by the lending campus. The lending campus will bill the borrowing campus for the full amount paid to the faculty member, which may include the cost of benefits on the stipend. Billing and payment between campuses will occur on dates agreed upon by the two campuses' business offices.

Payment Information

Faculty 2 Information

This section is for the second faculty member being exchanged.

Campus Information (Faculty 2)

Course Information (Faculty 2)

Borrowing Information (Faculty 2)

Notes or Special Arrangements

Submitter Information

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