Weighing the Future:
Race, Science, and Pregnancy Trials in the Postgenomic Era

A Book Salon with

Natali Valdez

Assistant Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies at Wellesley College


Weighing the Future examines the social and political implications of pregnancy trials in the US and UK, illuminating how processes of race and gender are enveloped into reproductive health and medicine.

Natali Valdez is a medical anthropologist and assistant professor at Wellesley College. She draws on Black feminism and postcolonial feminist science studies to explore the entanglements between science and society. Her research areas include reproduction, race/racism, environmental epigenetics, clinical trials, big data, metabolic illness, and predictive medicine.

Monday, January 31


Over Zoom

The book’s introduction is available for advanced reading; please register to receive a PDF copy. The event will run approximately one hour, including a Q&A session, followed by an informal conversation with the author.