FCCEAS Resource Library

Our lending library resource materials database is now available at https://fcceas.librarika.com/

Resource materials will be checked in and out via Librarika, and borrowers will receive borrowing status updates via e-mail. We continue to loan materials to people who can come to our office in Northampton to pick up and return items. We can also arrange for you to pick up and return items to the Five Colleges office in Amherst. Under some circumstances we may be able to mail items to borrowers. Please e-mail fcceas@fivecolleges.edu for more information.

To create your account please follow these steps:

Register for a new account here at Sign Up.
Receive verification email and verify the email address.
Log into https://librarika.com/ using your new account.
Click on Request Member Access button at the My Libraries section.
Enter this full URL https://fcceas.librarika.com/ and submit the request. Please TYPE in the URL (not cut and paste).
If you need assistance creating a Librarika account, or would like us to create an account for you, please e-mail us at fcceas@fivecolleges.edu


A categorized selection of English-language East Asia websites.