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Resources for teaching during COVID-19

Resources for Teaching about Racial Discrimination during the Coronavirus Crisis. This list was compiled by our NCTA colleagues at the Program for Teaching East Asia (TEA) at the University of Colorado. In their words:

“As educators, we all have a role we can play now in sharing the perspectives of specialists and discussing the events and issues we are facing as we confront the coronavirus. As educators with special interest in the study of Asia and the world, we can help students and colleagues address challenges related to labeling and racism that may be appearing in our communities and in the media. This week, TEA is sharing with our TEA E-News subscribers several current articles, websites, and academic resources that address current challenges in the portrayal of Asians in the context of the coronavirus, as well as selected instructional resources on discrimination and stereotyping against Chinese Americans in American history.” 

We encourage you and your student to learn from these carefully selected resources.

Also from this week's e-bulletin:

NengoCalc. This site provides online and offline tools for the conversion of Japanese dates into their Western equivalents. Great for outside-the-box thinking about calendars and marking the passage of time.

Looking for some physical education with an Asia connection? Try Japanese rajio (radio) taiso (exercise). These three-minute exercise routines will get you moving. Try this rajio taiso routine with English explanation, or this Rajio Taiso X with a contemporary flair. You'll find lots of rajio taiso routines on YouTube; click on the words "rajio taiso" above to see some examples. They're all different, so try them all!