Five College Center for East Asian Studies (FCCEAS)

Archived Webinars

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Chinese Characters and the Stories They Tell (12/10/13) 
Presenter: Dr. Megan Ferry, Director of East Asian Studies & Assoc. Prof. of Chinese and East Asian Studies, Union College


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The Culture of Genji (11/7/2013)
Presenter: Anne Prescott, Director FCCEAS
Resources: Culture of Genji Webinar Handout


Folk Arts 3-11

The Impact of the 3/11 Triple Disaster on Folk Arts in Iwate Prefecture, Japan (3/11/14)
Presenter: Emily Mukai, Stanford University 
Resource: Iwate Folk Arts


Japan's Textbook Controversy (5/14/2013)
Presenter: Dr. Ethan Segal, Michigan State University

Korean Reunification: A Bitter Taste of Paradise (4/24/2013) 
Presenter: Jacques Fuqua, Assistant Provost for International
Affairs, Auburn University at Montgomery

Ainu Embroidery photo by Justin Hunter


Out of the Shadows: The Ainu of Japan (10/9/13)
Justin Hunter, Ph.D. candidate, University of Hawaii
Resources: Ainu Curriculum Materials; Ainu Resources

Pacifism in Japan: Kagawa Toyohiko (6/4/13)
Presenter: Tom Hastings, Senior Research Fellow in Science and Religion, Japan ICU Foundation

"Playing" in Japan: An Introduction to Japanese Theater (5/8/13)
Presenter: Dr. Mariko Anno, Tokyo University of the Arts
Resources: Japanese Theater Webinar Resources, Japanese Theater Webinar Vocabulary 

Rikuzentakata Two Years Later: An Update from the Field after the 3/11 Disaster (4/2/2013)
Presenter: Amya Miller, Global Public Relations Director, Cityof Rikuzentakata
Resources: Rikutaka Webinar Resources 

Samurai Monogatari: An Illustrated Tale of the Samurai (5/2/2013)
 Willamarie Moore, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Co-presented by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Resources: Samurai Monogatari online resources

Mongolian Flag

A Summary of Mongolian History and Culture (4/17/14)


  • All About Korea
  • Culture Day in Japan: Living National Treasures & Tangible Cultural Properties
  • DISTANT VOICES: 19th Century American Diplomats, Missionaries, and Adventurers in East Asia 
  • Education in South Korea
  • Elementary School Life in Japan
  • Footbinding in China
  • Getting a Hold on Contemporary Chinese Cities 
  • Japanese Aesthetics: from Ma to Kata
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Korean Reunification: Party of Six? Your Table is Ready.
  • Korean Samulnori
  • Life in Shikoku: Noodles, Pilgrimage, and More
  • Musical Geography of Japan
  • October 10 in Taiwan and Japan
  • Okinawa
  • O-Shogatsu: Japanese New Year's Traditions Explained  
  • Other Voices in Japan: South Asia
  • Sakura in Japanese Culture
  • Teaching about March 11 and Japan’s Recovery 
  • There's a Shrine in My Temple!: Combinatism in Japanese Religion
  • Through Children's Eyes: Hiroshima