Language Certificates for FCCWL Students

The Five College Center for World Languages (FCCWL) will issue a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Specialization to any Five College student who has studied a less-commonly studied language through FCCWL and has met certain milestones in language study. 

These certificates provide an efficient way for students studying less-commonly studied languages to demonstrate language accomplishments for employment, graduate school, and fellowship applications. These are certificates issued directly by FCCWL to provide evidence of language study for resumes, applications, and portfolios. These certificates will not appear on a student’s transcript. The Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Specialization provide special recognition for consistency, dedication, and higher levels of achievement in studying a less-commonly studied language.

Certificates of Achievement
A student who has studied for at least four semesters may be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement. Some language study abroad or summer intensive courses may be counted toward the four semesters. A student may apply for a Certificate of Achievement upon completing the four semester requirement. A Certificate of Achievement will be issued for the Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of accomplishment. A student may apply for a new certificate whenever a new level of accomplishment is reached. Learn more about the Certificates of Achievement.

Certificates of Specialization
A graduating senior who has studied for at least six semesters (or fewer semesters if taking full courses in Hindi, Swahili, or Turkish) may apply for a Certificate of Specialization. The Certificate of Specialization also requires completion of some related course work or special projects. Some course work abroad, summer intensive language courses, and special projects abroad or in local settings using the language maybe be counted toward the specialization. Learn more about the Certificates of Specialization.