Languages Offered

The Five College Center for the Study of World Languages (FCCSWL)  offers courses in less-commonly taught languages for Five College students. Courses are taken for academic credit and are part of a student's regular course load. Five College students are not required to pay any special fees or tuition in order to enroll. Students submit an application to the Center in order to get permission to enroll.

Course sessions meet in small group and/or one-on-one sessions. Courses meet on all five campuses. Most session times are scheduled based on schedule information submitted by students. Courses are offered at the elementary-level for most languages. Intermediate and advanced levels of study are available in many languages. Contact the Center for details by language.

This list may be altered if the availabiltiy of instructional resources changes. Languages may be added; some languages we anticipate offering may become unavailable. Contact the Center for current status of languages and to inquire about languages not listed here.

For commonly-taught languages offered by Five College language departments and programs, see the Five College Language Portal. The portal also contains links to information about some less-commonly taught languages offered by language departments and programs such as Catalan, Yiddish, and Quechua.

Languages Available

Folllow the format link for each language for details and application instructions for that language. "Limited availability" means we can only accept a very small number of students because we do not have many conversation partners available. "Uncertain availability" means that we do not have conversation partners available or there is some other barrier to making the language available. Sometimes an "uncertain availability" language will become available to a limited number of students before the start of the semester.

The Five College Language Portal

For lists of all languages offered across the Five Colleges (academic year and summer) with links to all language departments and programs, see the Five College Language Portal.