Certificate Requirements

The basic requirement for the logic certificate is six courses from the list of Five College logic courses. Currently offered courses can be viewed on the Logic Courses page.

For more details, please consult the Five College Logic Certificate Program Application Form.

No more than four courses can be counted toward the certificate from any single discipline (philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, computer science).

At least two courses must be taken at an advanced level (500 or above at UMass, 300 or above at Smith, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke or Amherst).

At least one course should expose students to the basic metatheory of first-order logic including incompleteness. Courses satisfying this requirement include:

Smith: Philosophy 220
Amherst: Math 385
UMass Amherst: Philosophy 513, 514
Mount Holyoke: Philosophy 327

Students must receive grades of at least "B" in each course counting toward the certificate.